Shri Swami Keshwanand Satyarthi Ji Maharaj


Paramhans Satyarthi Mission is a renowned institute that stands as an epitome of Gurudev’s sublime aura. The patron of this spiritual domicile is Swami Keshwanand Satyarthi Ji Maharaj, who was born as a younger son to Shri Swami Ramanand Satyarthi Ji Maharaj, the magnanimous ascetic who exemplified sacrifice and self-denial.

Shri Swami Keshwanand Satyarthi Ji wass the supreme soul who manifested his transcendental knowledge toward salvation of mankind. Blessed with a mystical persona, he has the temperament of an innocent child and determination of a youth. He has miraculous  persona  who has an attitude of forbearance toward pessimisms in the world, and a highly esteemed conduct that is full of courage, inner strength and earnestness to  preach and instill moral principles. He is self realized supreme soul having complete faith in his Shri Sadguru Dev and acting like a divine light eradicating darkness of ignorance from human life.

Shri Swami Keshwanand Satyarthi Ji  was Born on 5 September 1943, in an aristocratic and religious family of Pandit Khushiram Bhardwaj. His father,  Pandit Khushiram Bhardwaj denounced the world and adopted a life of renunciation (“Sanyas”) for his commitment towards humanitarian salvation and later famed as  1008  Paramhans Swami  Ramanand Satyarthi ji Maharaj.

True to his name, Shri Swami Keshwanand Satyarthi Ji inherited ardent devotion to lord Krishna from his Father. Due to his impressions in the subconscious (“Samskara”)  of prior births,  Swami  Ji  acquired  knowledge  of Rajyoga by the age of ten years. Once while performing his regular prayers, he went into state of super-consciousness (“Samadhi “) with ease.  Looking at his inclination towards Rajayoga,   Sadguru Bhagwan Rajyogacharya Shri Ramanand Satyarthi Ji Maharaj imparted transcendental science of Consciousness to him at very young age.

Shri Swami Keshwanand Satyarthi Ji continued his practices of RajYoga simultaneously with his schooling and graduation during his adolescence. After completion of his M.Com, he got married to a well-read girl hailing from a cultured family. This erudite lady was later blessed by her father in-law and at present is known as Sant Maa Divyanand Satyarthi Ji. He served as a teacher and banker in various capacities.

On 2 July 1985 on the auspicious day of Vyaas-Puja, Shri Sadguru Ramanad Satyarthi ji Maharaj Ji entrusted  all the responsibilities of Guru to Shri Swami Keshwanand Satyarthi Ji with the resolution for the enlightenment and salvation of the mankind with all his blessings and transcendental Knowledge.

Afterwards, Swami Ji along with his wife took sanyaas at Satyarthi Samadhi Sthal on 8 January 1995.  For emancipation of humanity, he vowed to publicize the supreme knowledge of Paramhansa tradition acquired from the blessings of his  guru dev Shri Paramhans Swami Ramanand Satyarthi Ji Maharaj. Apart from Paramhans Satyarthi Mission, other institutions like Shri Satyarthi Sevadal, Satyarthi Vidyalaya, Swami Ramanand Satyarthi Trust, Satyarthi Sandesh Magazine are being administered in his guidance.

His mainstay remained Shri Satyarthi Ji Maharaj’s praying-abode, Rajyog Mandir, Raghuvarpura, Gandhi Nagar, Delhi. To ensure a continuous flow of spiritual thoughts amongst people,He has founded various Satyarthi Dhams at Haridwar, Dehradun, Lucknow, Chhatarpur, Agra and Shri Guru Shakti-Peeth-Math Shri Nangli Sahib.

Shri Guru Maharaj Ji's Vachan