Shri Shri 1008 Paramhans Swami Swarupanand Ji Maharaj


Shri Shri 1008 Paramhans Swami Swarupanand Ji Maharaj (1 February 1884 – 9 April 1936) is also known as "Shri Nangli Niwasi Bhagwaan Ji", as "Hari Har Baba". Born, Shri Beli Ram Ji, in village Teri in Kohat district, India (now in Pakistan), the young Beli Ram Ji was initiated into the sanyasas in the early 1900s in Teri by Shri Paramhans Swami Advaitanand Ji, who named him Shri Swami Swarupanand Ji. During Swami Advaitanand ji's life, Swami Swarupanand ji created an order of sanyasis (or renunciates) in northern India and founded several centers with the purpose of disseminating his master's teachings.

Shri Swami Advaitanand Ji Maharaj asked him to meditate in Agra, with the object to preserve the spiritual power to be utilised in future as the reformer of the spiritual Age. Far away from town in a jungle under the Neem tree the Second Guru, absorbed in his own ecstasy, roamed in quite a different world in a gufa (a very tight cave 3-4 feet under the land). Many residents of Agra, who were totally unaware of his name and whereabouts, felt attracted by him and placed some eatables near his seat with a thought he might accept them. But the Yogeshwar, the Second Guru, had no affinity for eating/drinking. He used to eat only boiled neem leaves and as such his divine body reduced to skeleton after 14 years of meditation at that place. A temple has been made around the cave in Agra as is known as Tapobhoomi. Shri Paramhans Swami Advaitanand Ji declared Swami Swarupanand Ji Maharaj as his spiritual successor. Chakauri ashram, (now in Gujrat, Pakistan) a beautiful shrine of pilgrimage built in Punjab at the cost of lakhs of rupees remained the congregational headquarters of Swami Swarupanand Ji Maharaj.

During his childhood, the people of Teri impressed by his divine glory and extraordinary acts, they could not restrain exclaiming that he was an Incarnate (god in human form) and not an ordinary person. Hence he was worshipped in each and every house. The residents of the area were deeply impressed due to His extraordinary virtues, they used to ask Him as to what was there in the fist, and his reply surprised everyone when they found his prediction would come out true. As people would begin to praise he would prefer to avoid wrangle and escape. He used to spend most of his time in meditation. There was divine intoxication in his eyes and a halo of indescribable splendour around his head, which bewitched the hearts of the devotees. These people often told his near relatives that he was surely an accomplished Faquir(Saint) and he was not born to lead the worldly life. They used to invite him into their homes, expressed their love & devotion, touch feet to realize eternal peace.

In the year 1904 Shri Paramhans Dayal Maharaj Ji, accompanied by Dewan Bhagwan Das Ji came to Teri and as such begun His spiritual discourses. Through devotees, the Second Guru heard that a perfect Master had arrived. He was urged from within to have His ‘Darshan’ and so He went to see Him immediately. As soon as He bowed at the lotus feet of First Guru to pay Him respects, Shri Paramhansa Dayal Ji, the First Guru, looked at Him affectionately and said ‘Aa gaye Bhaiyya’ (So you have come, my dear). The latter very humbly replied with folded hands, “Yes Maharaj Ji, I have come.” At this Shri Paramhansa Dayal Ji said, “lt is good that you have come here yourself, otherwise, I would have had to come to see you.” It seemed as if a disciple had found out the Perfect Master, indeed it was a meeting of two Great Souls, the two Great Saints of the age. Apparently it was the beginning of a new spiritual movement.. The purpose, with which Shri Paramhansa Dayal Ji had put His divine foot in the town of Teri, had been fulfilled. The Second Guru’s heart filled up with the waves of extreme peace and joy. At that time He felt so much inner blessings like the Chakaur does at the sight of the moon, the sun flower when it gets the sun’s grace and the fish on getting water. The First Guru also felt as if He had found out the right disciple who would fulfill His mission of spiritual movment. As such Dewan Sahib’s request to Shri Paramhans Dayal Ji(First Guru) to visit Teri was only a medium.

Blessing to Shri Nangli Sahib

In 1935, Shri Sadhduru Dev Ji announced his decision to leave Punjab and settle in Uttar Pradesh in the presence of 800 saffron clads Mahatmas and thousands of householder devotees which caused a wave of agony among the gathering. In 1936, he visited Delhi for the last time and stayed there for two months. Leaving behind large Ashrams in the Frontier, Sindh and Punjab, he moved to Nangli village, near Meerut in March, 1936. . During those days Shri Sadgurudev Ji once pronounced, “Those who feel an acute urge for may darshan, will manage to reach Nangli, anyhow. This shrine of Nangli will be known far and wide and called as the Nangli of the Saints. This is my native seat or the throne. Therefore, don’t you ever consider it an ordinary cottage. It is the temple of the Guru, a Gurudwara of a sort. Even the dust of this place will be worshipped ad regarded as consecrated dust fo the sacred feet.”

He proclaimed : “I’ve got four ‘Rotis’ with me. One is meant for Punjab, another one for Gwalior and two for Nangli here, as this place is very close to my heart." The path from the main road to the teerth has 84 turns on it, which symbolizes the mukti (salvation) through eighty four lakh yonis.

The Holy Water(Amrit Sroat)

Once the Compassionate one announced to the devotees, “There is an extreme paucity of water here. As a consequence, the sangat that arrives here to have darshan, is put to trouble not having sufficient water. It’s my wish to install a handsome hand-pump at this place.” When the water-pump was ready . It was found to give very cool, sweet and delicious water. “O the King Lord, it would have been better to dig a well here for an abundant supply of water, suggested some of the Mahatmas. Shri Sadgurudev Ji gave a gentle laugh at this saying, “It is rather the fountain-head of water of life. Soon the time will come when the devotees will carry its water filled in bottles so far away places. Many a living being will be benefitted from its nectar like water. Only I am aware of its true secrets, which can not fathom. And truly, thousands of devotees take this holy water filled in bottles, to their homes and use it as if consecrated by the feet of the divine. Owing to the sacred blessings of our Lord, innumerable devotees habe been benefited in curing the most incurable diseases by its use.

The Supreme preceptor, Shri Paramhans Dayal Ji(First Guru) told his favourite disciples in very clear terms five days before his departure for the ultimate abode of bliss. Similarily, our holy Lord also predicted very clearly, I have to leave on Thursday, the 9th April, early in the morning.” Then the revered Lord sent for Shri Shahbaz, an iron smith if Shri Nangli. To him the Shri Sadgurudev Ji spoke thus : “I am scheduled to leave on the morning of 9th April. After I have left, you have to remove these two griders from where they join together and also the wooden pillar that stands below supporting them. Then, converting this room into a big hall, you have to build my dwelling place in the shape of a throne, for I’ll live here on the proposed seat for all times to come. And this should be a worth-seeing place, beautiful enchanting to the loved devotees.”

On the evening of 8th April, 1936, the most adorable Lord went out for a walk as usual. Returning from there Shri Sadgurudev Ji held a brief session of satsang. Then he met the devotees who had earlier sought appointments. Pointing out to Bhakt Ram Chander Ji of Shri Nangli Sahib, the Lord proclaimed ; “I’ve got four ‘Rotis’ with me. One is meant for Punjab, another one for Gwalior and two for Nangli here, as this place is very close to my heart. The ill fated day of 9th April had to dawn at last. Early in the morning Shri Sadgurudev Ji got up and having attended to the calls of nature, he took his usual seat in his room. To his own attendants, he said, “Keep sitting outside the room, you will be called when needed.” Having said these words, he closed the door and then seated himself on his well adorned cot in the posture of ‘Padmasan’ As such the most revered, the most adorable ruler of the hearts had attained the state of ‘Mahanrivaan’(freedom from the material existence). All the mahatmas and devotees present there burst into piteous cries of wailing rent the air. The followers rushed to Meerut to send telegrams to other prominent Ashrams. Shedding warm tears and heaving cold sighs of sheer grief. Shri Swami Nijatmanand Ji and Swami Abhedanand Ji finally gave Samadhi to the sacred body at Shri Nangli Sahib as per his sacred testaments in which Sadgurudev Ji had expressed his wish to remain in Shri Nangli Sahib.

Shri Guru Maharaj Ji's Vachan