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Mission Administrator

Sant Maa Divyanand Satyarthi Ji is an embodiment of renunciation and sacrifice. The compassionate love for all human beings makes her a Godly figure. She was born on 8 October 1954 in a religious family.  She was named as Veena, to compliment her divine nature that was as vast, blithe and innocent, as music. True to her name, Sant Maa found harmony in her soul. Her father, Shri Sitaram Sharma, was  a religious man and Guru Devotee and mother, Maa Rajkumari, was a pious and gentle woman.

A holy soul, Sant Maa Divyanand Satyarthi Ji grew up to be a lovely child, who had an endearing persona that made her a favorite with everyone around her. Unlike children of her age, she would be engrossed in her studies and was detached from the social life. People around Sant Maa adored her and referred to her as a divine figure that would have several devotees. As per the stars in her horoscope, Sant Maa was a sadhika and her life consisted of sacrifice.

Sant Ma had an aura, which reflected positivity and love for everyone. Her serene temper and compassion helped her fulfill the duties of a wife. She was always mindful of her responsibilities toward her family and supported her husband. As fate would have it, she successfully completed the first two chapters of yoga – Karma Yoga and Bhakti Yoga, whilst she was taking care of her household simultaneously.

On 2 July 1985 at the age of thirty, with the mutual consent of her husband and family, she renounced  her family life to  follow  her husband and  assist  him  to attain his goal of human salvation through transcendental knowledge. On the same day, Shri Sadgurudev Paramhans Satyarthi Ji Mararaj entrusted Shri Swami Keshwananda Satyarthi Ji with the charge and responsibilities of “GuruDev“ and to be the benefactor of the ignorant people and direct them toward self realization. ( AttamGyan)

The exemplary sacrifice and serenity of spirit exhibited by Sant Maa Divyanand Satyarthi Ji can only be borne by a spiritual soul. On 8 January 1995, she along with her husband, Shri Keshwananda Satyarthi Ji adopted Sanyas Dharma at the Satyarthi Samadhi Mandir.  By doing so, she accomplished the third chapter of yoga and was blessed as Anandmayi Sant Maa Divyanand Satyarthi Ji. She blessed her children, Shri Manoj Sharma and Shri Komal Sharma, and  told them to be proud of her as  now she has became a mother with healing touch to all her devotees.

Sant Maa Divyanand Satyarthi Ji cooperated with her husband in his endeavor to serve humanity. Under Paramhans Satyarthi Mission, she established Shri Satyarthi Sevika Dal and Shri Satyarthi Sankirtan Mandal. She is managing all the Satyarthi Dhams and under her guidance, these institutions are functioning smoothly for the welfare of mankind.