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Preaching (“Satsang”):The gurudev of our Mission, Shri Sadguru Swami Keshwananda Satyarthi Ji Maharaj travels around the world and preaches about spirituality and enlightenment of the consciousness of humankind. This practice is performed on a regular basis at all the Satyrathi Dhams and institutes set up in different states and villages. On the request of devotees, such preaching programs are conducted at religious places and even their homes.

Solving personalized Spiritual queries: Every devotee/ Aspirant needs personalized solution to their spritual queries depending upon their mindsets and stage of spiritual evolution. Shri Sadguru Swami Keshwananda Satyarthi Ji Maharaj helps the devotee by providing personalized solutions and teaching simple practices of Raj Yoga for spiritual evolution .

Shri Satyarthi Satsang Meetings: Shri Satyarthi Satsang meetings are held in different localities once every month. These assemblies are conducted by the devotees. People and listeners participate in the meetings to gain the knowledge of worship and meditation. People take part in discussions regarding meditation , bhajan, kirtan and spirituality.

Saamuhik Sandhya Aarti: Devotees organize Saamuhik Aarti for Shri Guru MaharajJi every week at their homes in different regions.

Shri Satyarthi Sevadal: Shri Satyarthi Sevadal is active in every area. The members of the Seva dal help devotees in organizing the Gyan Yagnas or spiritual meetings. The members are active in their districts and take the responsibility of the programs by managing everything around without any expectation (nishkama-karma). They also distribute food and clothes among poor people. In the state of any calamity in the country, these members associate with people and contribute to the betterment of the situation.

Shri Satyarthi Yuvadal: The youth wing of Shri Satyarthi mission is determined to contribute and offer their services in their nearest Shri Satyarthi Dhams. They are active in making arrangments for any Gyan Yagnas that take place in their areas.

Shri Satyarthi Prabhat Feri: Shri Satyarthi Prabhat Feri is conducted once a year in every district. All the devotees participate in this Feri which starts at day break. They walk around the area singing bhajans and lighting lamps at every abode.

Spiritual and moral science camps: Mission is dedicated to organizing camps for spiritual and moral understanding once a year. Shri Sadguru Swami Keshwananda Satyarthi Ji Maharaj, teaches the practices of Dhyan and meditation. Apart from this, Mata Shri Diyvanad Satyarthi Ji also teaches the various ways which can be implemented in day- to-day life for rapid progress in spirituality.

Shri Satyarthi Nishkama Sankirtan Confederation: At the mission, a crew of experienced musicians compose the songs and music of the prayers. This activity is performed without any expectations of remuneration. The crew devotedly performs at the disciples’ places as well, on their gentle behest. They light the lamp in the name of Shree Guru Maharaj Ji and sing his prayers with love and devotion.

Shri Satyarthi Publication department: Literature regarding the mission is published from time to time at Sri Satyarthi Publication unit. Under this wing, religious books, CDs of Satsang, cassettes and other materials are published and distributed. Moreover, the department is also committed to issue quarterly magazine, “Satyarthi Sandesh”. This publication unit is designated at Shri Rajyog Mandir. Work for society upliftment: The mission undertakes several activities for social welfare. The members distribute school uniforms, sweaters, books, notebooks etc to school going children. They also aid helpless women by financially supporting them. The mission takes care of the upliftment of refugees and arranges for their food, clothes and shelter. These activities are conducted with nishkama-karma.

Promotional Center of Mission: Paramhans Satyarthi Mission is publicized across the globe due to its noble deeds for the welfare of the mankind. The main abode ‘Shri Paramhans Satyarthi Dham’ is known as ‘Shri Satyarthi Dham’.