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Paramhans Satyarthi Mission (PSM)

  1. PSM stands for Purity, Service, and Meditation. The mission provides spiritual and eternal peace by instilling Purity of thoughts, Selfless-Service , and Meditation.
  2. PSM believes in ‘SarvmayiAatmjyot’, which means that the same empowering consciousness (Soul) resides within every individual.
  3. The symbol of PSM is  ‘Aatmhans’  which is sitting on lotus flower surrounded by water with mystic powers. As the  lotus leaf is not affected  by water even though it grows in water, the same way Satyarthi is like Aatamhans who, while living his worldly life,  remains unattached to the worldly affairs and always remains focused on its ultimate aim of realizing Paramsatya. The water represents the worldly attachments. Amidst the worldly attachments, the spirituality shows the way to reach the Supreme Soul, represented by divine light in the Symbol. The divine light is the Super–Consciousness (“Supreme Soul”) which is the driving force of whole World. The Aatam hans is looking at the divine light representing Satyarthi who remains focused on Divine Light which is over and above the mundane worldly pursuits.
  4. PSM is the University of Spirituality where transcendent knowledge is explained in simple language.  Here by selfless service, devotion and sadhna, one acknowledges the transition in oneself and realizes Self and Paramsatya. The mission dedicatedly helps people realize the importance of humanitarian work and sadhna.
  5. At PSM, a mentor-mentee relation is like that of a Godfather and son. At every stage and in every situation, the Sadgurudev acting as Godfather solves the miseries of his son by directing him towards the path of truth and virtuous deeds.
  6. PSM is based on the individual experiences and involvements. Apart from gaining theoretical knowledge, practical sessions are included in the sessions and personalized attention is given to everyone. PSM  ensures  no  discrimination  among  people and imparts supreme knowledge to everyone. PSM is based on the principal that” more you practice, the more you learn”. It is based on Abhyaas Yog.
  7. At PSM, every aspirant is considered a significant part of Shri Paramhans Satyarthi Maharaj Ji’s family.  In  Satyarthi society,  there is  no place for malice, malevolence or discrepancy.
  8. PSM recognizes all religions and embraces positive qualities of all faiths. No one  is told to give up   practicing one’s religious faith and belief. Here one is taught to  practice Sadhna and realize the subtle power of inner being under the supervision of his Gurudev.
  9. PSM believes that whosoever learns with the direction and blessings of SadgurudevJi, will be born as a human in next birth as well. PSM believes that Sadgurudev has power to put human beings on the path of salvation. Once, the aspirant gets onto the right path,  he will  ultimately accede to the Yog Pad  and reach ultimate  salvation in one or multiple births.
  10. The mission inspires selfless work without any expectation of reward.

Mission’s Aim

Structure of mission: To disseminate the concept and relevance of “Adwait” in morden world and true understanding of “Satya” is the methodology of the mission.

The methodology of PSM disseminates the true understanding of  “Adwait” , help people adopt the teachings of paramhansa tradition in day daily life and make people aware of its benefits and   relevance of its principles in wordly life.

Mission’s - Objectives

  1. To establish a Satyarthi community where people practice morality, and display exemplary conduct.
  2. To imbibe spirituality in the social and day to day life, and  promote Adwait in the world with the underlying theme of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”,  for the prosperity of the mankind.
  3. To  practice the  art of implementing concepts of Adwait in day to day life.
  4. To  practice raja yoga for self realization
  5. To inculcate the thoughts of welfare and devotion in the seekers and restore classic  customs  of our ancient  culture.
  6. To direct limitless energy of the youth in the direction of spirituality and good actions.
  7. To  promote brother-hood among people by accepting everyone as Guru Sevak  irrespective of their caste, class , title and financial status.
  8. The above mentioned  objectives  are kept in mind while imparting the  teachings  of Yog, Sadhna, Good Karma, Positive Conduct, Services, and Prayers. The teachings of mission are relevant for every human being