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The genesis of Paramhans Satyarthi Mission ("PSM") is as old as “Satya" itself. Satya is the “God", which is eternal and constant (unchanging) in this perishable and ever-changing world.  The fundamental belief “Realization of Satya is Self-Realization" is the founding principle of the mission. Born on 30th November 1897, Our Gurudev, Paramhans Swami Ramanand Satyarthi ji Maharaj, a true yogi and ascetic, devoted his life for the cause of "Satya". Under the guidance of Shri. Nangli Niwasi Bhagwan ji (Shri Shri 1008 Swami Swarupanand ji Maharaj), he attained supreme Self-Realization and vowed to publicize the knowledge of " Satya" for the welfare of humankind. Accordingly, he renounced the world in 1964 and established " Raj Yoga" mandir in Gandhi Nagar and guided numerous devotees in their search for "Satya".

In 1985, after anointment of Swami Keshwanand ji Maharaj as the next guru of the mission, the objectives of PSM were further broadened, consolidated and reinforced. The aim of PSM is to facilitate Self Realization by imparting practical knowledge of Rajyoga. PSM also stands for Purity, Service and Meditation which enumerates a simple mantra for Self Realization. The mission does not discriminate on the basis of caste, creed, racial, religious and financial differences for creation of better society and believes in the principle of Vasudev-Kutumbkam (The World is one family), meaning that all the human beings are equal in the eyes of God.

The symbol of PSM is ‘Aatmhans’ which is sitting on lotus flower surrounded by water. As the lotus leaf is not affected by water even though it grows in water, the same way Satyarthi( one who seeks to realize Satya) is like Aatamhans who, while living his worldly life,  remains unattached to the worldly affairs and always remains focused on its ultimate aim of realizing Param-Satya. The brief introduction of PSM is as follows:

Paramhans Satyarthi Mission ( Purity, Service and Meditation)

Main Ashram

Taposthali Raj Yoga Mandir (Satyarthi Dham), Raghubarpura No.2, Gandhi Nagar, Delhi -31.

Source of Inspiration

Paramhans Shri Swami Adwaitanand Ji Maharaj (Dayal Ji Maharaj),  Paramhans Shri Swami Sawroopanand Ji Maharaj (Shri Nagli Niwasi Bhagwan Ji) and  Paramhans Shri Swami Ramanand Satyarthi Ji Maharaj.

Founder and Gaddinissin Gurudev

Swami Param Pujyaniye Keshwanand Satyarthi Ji Maharaj

Mission Administrator

Sant Maa Divyanand Satyarthi Ji Maharaj

Key Principles
  • Belief: Adwaita (Non Duality of Creature and God, Creature is identical with Parbraham or Every soul is the reflection of Supreme Soul i.e. God)
  • Gaddi (legacy): Centuries old Paramhansa tradition in which knowledge is transferred by Guru Sisya parampara.
  • Maha-Mantra: AhamBharamAsmi (I am Brahma or I am the reflection of Supreme Soul or God).
Ultimate Aim

To promote principle that “same soul resides in every individual” and facilitate Self Realization by following :

  • P for Purity:  Inculcating purity in thoughts by doing nishkam karma i.e doing karma while remaining unattached in the world or doing karma as if driven by duties.
  • S for Service:  Selfless Service to Gurudev. No service can be truly selfless until it is driven by prem, bhakti and Devotion.
  • M for Meditation: Meditation or Rajyoga, a scientific way to attain supreme self realization.
  • Vasudev-Kutumbkam: Promoting equality by practicing principle of “World is like a big family” in daily life and non violence.