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Welcome to Paramhans Satyarthi Mission

The genesis of Paramhans Satyarthi Mission ("PSM") is as old as “Satya" itself. Satya is the “God", which is eternal and constant (unchanging) in this perishable and ever-changing world.  The fundamental belief “Realization of Satya is Self-Realization" is the founding principle of the mission. Born on 30th November 1897, Our Gurudev, Paramhans Swami Ramanand Satyarthi ji Maharaj, a true yogi and ascetic, devoted his life for the cause of "Satya". Under the guidance of Shri. Nangli Niwasi Bhagwan ji (Shri Shri 1008 Swami Swarupanand ji Maharaj), he attained supreme Self-Realization and vowed to publicize the knowledge of " Satya" for the welfare of humankind. Accordingly, he renounced the world in 1964 and established " Raj Yoga" mandir in Gandhi Nagar and guided numerous devotees in their search for "Satya".  In 1985, after anointment of Swami Keshwanand ji Maharaj as the next guru of the mission, the objectives of PSM were further broadened, consolidated and reinforced.

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